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From  a Downmark newsletter:

Consumer E-Mail

We continue to receive a large number of e-mails asking for information on down and down products.


We regularly receive queries from consumers across Canada and in the U.S. asking where Downmark products may be purchased.


Many travelers have found our tags on pillows they slept on in hotels around the country

and have e-mailed to ask where they can purchase those pillows.


Here is a small selection  of e-mails from people

who had stayed in hotels with Downmark pillows:


  • Hi - can you tell me where I might order Downmark pillows online? We were in Canada over the weekend and I had the good fortune to sleep on one.


  • My wife and I cannot stop talking about the pillows that we slept on. They had to be the most comfortable and plush pillows we have ever witnessed.  We are greatly interested in purchasing these pillows if at all possible, please contact me at your earliest convenience.


  • The pillows were very comfortable and had your

          “downmark” label. Could you please let me know                    where I could purchase the same pillows? I would 

           greatly appreciate it.        


  • These pillows were the most comfortable pillows I have ever slept on. I was able to sit and lay my head back without getting any kinks in my neck and actually sleep the whole night in one position. This certainly was due to the conformability of these pillows. If you could so help me in locating as to where and how much these pillows are I would greatly appreciate it.