1. Downmark hangtags, brochures and sewn-in labels are available to all Active Members at a small fee, which helps to support the day to day operations of the Association. Brochures are also available to Merchant Members.
  The use of these tags and brochures promote the concept of Canadian products being superior to competitive products. They reinforce the idea that consumers should look for the Downmark® logo as their assurance that the product they are purchasing is the ultimate in quality and value. Only the very best Canadian manufacturers can qualify for and earn the right to use the Downmark® logo on their products.

  1. Our DownCheck program is in place to assist members who are concerned about the product claims of competitors, particularly products that are imported. The DownCheck program provides for testing of suspicious product claims, and if the claims are proved to be false or misleading then action is taken against the manufacturer/supplier. Often this means having both Federal and Provincial trade officials involved which may lead to the substandard product being pulled from retailer's shelves. The DownCheck program also provides for testing of member's products on a random basis. This encourages all members to comply with Down Association of Canada regulations. Please see Fraud for examples of these problems which DownCheck has found.

  2. All members benefit from the Down Association of Canada's efforts to have changes made to legislation affecting the industry. The Down Associationof Canada has worked with the Federal government to form standards for down and feather content and labeling. We were also instrumental in having the duty removed from down proof cotton used for duvets and pillows.

  3. All members, Active and Associate, have their company listed on the Downmark site along with a brief description and contact information for their business. Their web site can also be linked from the Downmark site if they wish. An enhanced listing is available for an additional charge.

  4. Members have the opportunity to attend the Annual General meeting held each spring. This meeting brings together members from across the country. It is a valuable medium for discussing and developing industry policies. It is also at this meeting that the Board for the coming year is elected.

    We encourage all Canadian companies involved in the down industry to consider joining the Down Association of Canada.


How to join:
If you would like to join the Down Association of Canada or wish more information please contact us at: