Celebrating our 42nd Anniversary in 2018


In 1975 a group of businessmen dedicated to furthering the interests of the down industry decided to band together and form the "Canadian Down and Feather Products Association" with headquarters in Ottawa.

At their inaugural meeting in October 1976 Jim Palmer of Woods Canada was elected President with Doug Pryde of Feather Industries as Vice President. They continued to meet on a regular basis working to establish the first bylaws and Association standards.

In these early years the Association was involved in establishing proper testing procedures at the government level for down products. It also worked with the government to come up with industry standards for down and feather products. Headquarters were later moved to Toronto, Ontario.

In June 1996 "The Quill", was introduced as a newsletter mailed to members. Today it is sent to all active members via e-mail.

The Directors of the Canadian Down and Feather Products Association worked tirelessly to have duties removed from imported down proof cotton used for pillows and duvets. This was accomplished and the new duty free status went into effect June 17, 1999.

The Association logo was trademarked and put into use for sewn in labels, hang tags and promotional materials. In 2001 the logo was designated as Downmark, a mark of quality assurance.

The Association took on its new name Down Association of Canada in 2002.

The Association also started its own program within the industry called the "Market Minder", which was later changed to the "Market Monitor". This program continually monitors products in the marketplace with respect to quality, incorrect labeling and advertising. If claims are found to be false, or misleading then the appropriate government officials are notified, which may lead to products being repackaged, or the substandard products being pulled from shelves. The name of this program has once again been changed. It is now " DownCheck" The Board feels that this new name better conveys the work being done on behalf of our members and the consumer.

The first web site for the Association was launched in 1996, consisting of a single page. In 2001 the website name was updated to downmark.com to follow along with the change in Logo name. In the years since then the website has undergone several changes with the latest English version of the site launched May 2005. The French site was added in the Spring of 2007. In 2011 we added Chinese and Japanese sites.Keep watching our site asnowin 2014 as we are going to be launching another update which will be smart phone compatable along with other new features.

In 2010 we opened a Branch of the DAC in Japan. Their website is located at:  www.dac-jb.gr.jp/

Chronological History of Presidents of the Down Association:

1976 to 1979 - Jim Palmer of Woods Canada
1979 to 1982 - Russ Morin of Russell H. Morin Products
1982 to 1983 - Doug Pryde of Feather Industries
1983 to 1987 - Steve Mlotek of Imperial Feather
1987 to 1988 - John Andersen of Daniadown
1988 to 1990 - Steve Mlotek of Imperial Feather
1990 to 1991 - David Earthy of Woods Canada
1991 to 1994 - Steve Mlotek of Imperial Feather
1994 to 1997 - Mavis Goddard of Glll
1997 to 2017 - Michael de la Place of St. Geneve
2017 to present   Bryan Pryde of Feather Industries

Feather Industries of Canada has been an active member since the inception of the Association.